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Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a process where an employer turns the responsibility of finding potential job candidates over to a third-party service provider. 

RPO is primarily used by medium and large-sized companies who need talent acquisition in specialized or technical areas. RPO also brings different perspectives and skills, while, at the same time, frees HR staff to focus on internal tasks. 

Benefits of RPO: 

  1. Improved candidate quality: 

RPO providers are renowned for their ability to find and deliver quality talent for organizations as they hire recruitment professionals and invest heavily in their training. 

  1. Decrease in costs: 

With in-house recruitment, time is wasted in lengthy hiring processes or lack of updated technology. An RPO provider can reduce recruiting costs by estimating the neglected total costs and improving efficiency. 

  1. Increased scalability: 

Changing business plans quickly may not be financially feasible for many companies. With RPO providers, scaling the recruitment team is possible without the difficulty of reducing headcount or hiring and training new people. 

  1. Reduced Time-to-fill: 

The longer a position remains empty, the more the organization loses in terms of revenue. RPO providers are effective at reducing time-to-fill due to their industry expertise, technology, and recruiting acumen. 

Filling the executive positions is a niche job and our team of recruiters at Patterns has expertise in the domain. We offer customized end-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions for your business. Our RPO solutions are designed to reduce your recruitment cost and TAT and boost your productivity. 

Our team of recruiters have vast industry experience and domain expertise to cater to your executive search needs in every arena and level. We provide executive search services for management executives, hotel executives, sales executives, administrative executives, accounting executives, etc. 

Why Outsource Staffing & Recruitment with Us? 

  • Diverse Industry Experience 
  • Database of candidates across industries & functions 
  • Flexible & Cost-effective Contract Staffing Solutions 
  • No Hidden Costs 
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers 
  • Quality Screening Process 
  • Prompt & Professional Services 
  • Quick Turnaround Time 

Outsource for Your Business  

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We have been in the business for more than ten years and our aim has always been to achieve the one-stop solution status in the RPO market. Our service include- vector artwork, embroidery digitizing, digital image editing, product mock-up, data processing, PHP development, virtual assistance, website development, staffing and recruitment. Contact our team at Patterns247 today and we will confidently find you the best outsourcing solutions for your business.